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Ruby: Salt Peter

  1. Flippin' Tha Bird 4:09
  2. Salt Water Fish 3:29
  3. Heidi 4:04
  4. Tiny Meat 4:04
  5. Paraffin 3:36
  6. Hoops 3:50
  7. Pine 4:08
  8. Swallow Baby 5:32
  9. The Whole is Equal to the Sum of its Parts 4:07
  10. Bud 4:19
  11. Carondelet 7:06

Lesley Rankine returns with her own solo project after a variety of involvements with such bands as Silverfish and Pigface over the past few years. To call this album industrial would only be a loose interpretation of the genre. To call it synth pop wouldn't do justice to the complex and harsh programming methods used in production. It lacks any real definitive sense of anger or caustic overtones and all the angst is implied rather than openly flaunted. Lesley's vocals are also exceedingly somber and gloomy with a very laid back style which mix well with the tone of the album. In essence it treads a fine line between modern dance electronics and the more underground industrial movement. For the most part the album is exceedingly mellow and would probably be right at home on MTV's Buzz Bin knowing the musical tastes of todays popular youth culture. However, diehard industrial fans will be very disappointed if they are looking for anything new or innovative.

Ruby is: Lesley Rankine

Creation Records
2100 Colorado Ave
Santa Monica, CA 90404

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