Album Cover

Rorschach Test: Unclean

  1. Satan
  2. Elvis
  3. Sex
  4. Cripple Touch
  5. Blow Up America
  6. Wheel of Misfortune
  7. Song For Other Me
  8. Monster
  9. Lament
  10. Slow Leak
  11. Hold
  12. Clean
  13. Elvis (Dis-Graceland Mix)

Even the production of Neil Kernon cannot save this reworked release consisting of tracks from the self-released version of "Unclean" and older albums from the masturbatory Cock Rock that it is. Tracks like 'Wheel of Misfortune' are painful to listen to because they exhibit everything that is wrong with Synthcore bands that are still stuck in the era of Ministry. Yet tracks like 'Blow Up America', whose lyrics are decidedly not politically correct, stands out as an example of how to write a critical commentary on social circumstances without resorting to cliche musical tricks to make it work. The rest of the album veers back and forthly like a bad roller coaster ride between well thought out bits of political punk and old, worn out, grinding guitar tripe. Sadly this musical dichotomy is what threatens to rip this album apart at the seams. My suggestion to Rorschach Test is a closer examination into the song writing process behind tracks like 'Blow Up America' which certainly provide solid proof that they know how to write good material, in order to continue writing songs in a similar vein.

Rorschach Test is:
James Baker - vocals
Benjamin Anderson - guitar
Kristofor Geren - guitar
Troee - keyboards & programming
Brandon Wilsey - percussion

Slipdisc Records
101 W. Grand Ste.#600
Chicago, IL 60610


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