Album Cover

Various Artists: Mind/Body Volume 3

Disc: Mind

  1. NOISIA - Kill It (Bugtown-Snuff mix)
  2. not breathing - Robitussin (Codeine mix)
  3. Tinty Music - No Escape From Time
  4. Evolution Control Committee - roolF drihT
  5. Unsolicited Eulogy - Imprecation Of The Slain
  6. AREA_39 - Ritual
  7. Coma - Call Of The Bell
  8. Solas - Ivy Song (mix Apocalypti)
  9. [0] The Set Of Nothing - Truth In The Gas Chamber
  10. The Unit Circle - Focus & Decay
  11. Ipecac Loop - Backbreaker
  12. Urban Ambience - The Bergamot Harvest
  13. Graveyard Cafe - Afterlifestyles
  14. Shevnik Sleep Research - Every Summer New Flowers

Disc: Body

  1. The Machine In The Garden - Machinery
  2. ZIA - Pagan Goddess
  3. Contingence - The Schismatist
  4. Denoument - Suspension Of Disbelief
  5. Six Sigma - Save Our State
  6. [cybpunk] - Moonshot
  7. Stromkern - Konzentrationslagen
  8. You Shriek - v1.0
  9. informatik - Autonomous
  10. SpineFolder - Sentient At Last
  11. Struktur - InfOrb
  12. Prime Mover - My Third Eye
  13. Hard Drive - Betrayed
  14. Smothered Hope - Unseen
  15. Insult - Shut Up

Having had the luxury to sit on in the final sequencing of the Body Disc of the compilation back in late 1995, I simply couldn't wait to get my grubby little hands on, what appeared to be at first listen, the best RMI compilation to date. In retrospect I regret not having sat through the sequencing session of the Mind Disc as well because I certainly missed out on what I feel is the stronger of the 2 Discs. The Body Disc has several really strong tracks, but it also contains more that it's fair share of weak ones as well. The dichotomy in quality between tracks on the Body Disc simply doesn't hold up to it's predecessor. Perhaps it is because out of the fifteen tracks on the Body Disc, I had heard eight of them on their original releases or demoes sent to me from the artists. Very little of the music seemed new or unduly inspired and that degraded from it's overall performance.

However, the Mind Disc was altogether another story. On both of the previous compilations I was left very dissatisfied with the final selection of the Mind tracks. Most of them lacked a strong vibrance, recording quality and they simply didn't flow well together from track to track. The wide variety of experimental dissonance didn't seem to cohabitate with any degree of mutual agreement, but the new Mind shattered all my previous misconceptions with the past compilations. Every single track seems to flow almost seamlessly to the next. Each track compliments the other in multitudinous degrees of musical structure. I might even go as far to say that the Mind III Disc is probably the absolute best Disc released to date by this project of net artists. I just can't seem to give enough praise to the quality of the artists and the track selection on this Disc.

It also should be noted that the artwork utilized for the cover and liner notes also seems to be getting better on every release. Not to berate Ken of Arts Industria who was responsible for the previous artwork, but the final layout is of the utmost professional quality. The cover art alone is worse the price of admission, I should know, as I've had a color copy of the cover on my wall since I participated in the selection of the artist many months back. The entire package is worth much more than the asking price and should be required listening for anyone who wants to support independent artists and net musicians.

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