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Rivet Head Culture

  1. Non-Aggression Pact - Wicked Painted Sun
  2. Death Method - Mein Klein Engel
  3. Little Guilt Shrine - Satellite Thought (Taken Out Life)
  4. Recliner - Nose Dive
  5. Stash Krohl - Perversion (of the Truth)
  6. Hate Dept - More Like Me
  7. Chemlab - Neurozone
  8. Raw Dog - Raw Dog
  9. Pain Emission - Selfish
  10. Society Burning - Party Girl
  11. Out Out - Admire the Question (Naive Mix
  12. Blue Eyed Christ - Progression
  13. STG - Televangelism (Drive-By Judas Mix)
  14. Scar Tissue - Cold (Insight)
  15. A-Politiq - Black Box
  16. M.A.S. - Send Me To Heaven
  17. Crocodile Shop - Growing Stronger
  18. They Killed Fritz - Whitley Park
  19. Fleshhouse - Santa in Flames

A little known secret for all you Skinny Puppy fans out there but this compilation contains an offshoot one track project aptly titled Raw Dog where Ogre actually has intelligible vocals throughout the entire album. However don't just buy this CD just for its completist value but also take a serious listen to many of the recently signed and still unsigned bands as well. Chase has done the entire industrial music industry a huge favor by digging through the mountains of demo tapes he receives for some of the best unsigned talent in the industry. It amazes me that bands like A-Politiq, Death Method & M.A.S. still remain hidden from record labels. It's compilation like these that get these small bands airplay and exposure to eventually get an album out on a respectable label. So go out and support the struggling industrial artist and have a listen to this and other If It Moves... industrial compilations.

Re-Constriction Records
4901-906 Morena Blvd
San Diego, CA 92117-3432


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