Album Cover

RIOU: Pops

  1. C1 (Reverse)
  2. Book Shop
  3. Stock
  4. E.L.E.
  5. Return 1
  6. Vegetable Shop (Short)
  7. Visual Arts
  8. C2
  9. Return 2
  10. Play With Sampler

"Pops" is the domestic reissue of RIOU's first release which was available only in Japan. Musically RIOU has a lot in common with other minimalistic Japanese Techno artists such as Ryoji Ikeda and Dumb Type. He seems to favor an almost regressive form of Techno that focuses more on the singular nature of each musical element rather than trying to bury a sound inside a complex arrangement of music. As a result many of these tracks take several listens to truly begin to appreciate their subtle intricacy while others never quite seem to make any sort of musical sense. Ultimately this means that RIOU requires a great deal of patience and a very unique musical taste to enjoy properly. "Pops" is definitely not an album for listening anywhere but in the privacy of your own home since it falls outside the realm of club and radio music. Regardless of this fact, it is obvious that RIOU is a man of solid musical talents that with more time and effort will most certainly reward his fans with an innovative new musical experience.

Invisible Records
P.O. Box 16008
Chicago, IL 60618


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