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Ringtailed Snorter: Look Back in the Mirror

  1. Motivation 3:68
  2. Absolute Void 4:31
  3. I Come To You 4:02
  4. Deal in Sex 4:06
  5. A Kind of Loss (New Mix) 4:13
  6. The Cold Room 4:28
  7. Mirror 3:14
  8. Until Now 3:37
  9. Window 1 2:53
  10. Childlike 5:07
  11. Longing for Shelter 4:33
  12. Deprivation 3:54
  13. Influence 4:59

"Look Back in the Mirror" is a collection of Ringtailed Snorter tracks taken from "Sexual Child Abuse" and "Revealing Obstacles" as well as a few rarities. It doesn't take more than a few seconds of listening to the tracks on tis Cd to realize none other than Sevren Ni-Arb best known for his work on X Marks The Pedwalk wrote them. Ringtail Snorter just happens to be Sevren's solo project dating back to 1992 which he eventually abandoned in favor of X Mark The Pedwalk and studio work. "Look Back in the Mirror" is meant as a retrospective of almost all the Ringtail Snorter material that was threatened with going out of print. COP International with the help of Zoth Ommog reissued this release to save this classic material from being lost forever. While much of this music is over five years old, it is surprisingly similar in sound to recent X Marks The Pedwalk material. Sevren was always fascinated with strings and placid vocals and they play an integral role in the musical development of this project. This album is essential for Sevren Ni-Arb fans who have been trying to get their hands on the original Ringtailed Snorter albums which have all but disappeared.

Ringtailed Snorter is: Sevren Ni-Arb

COP International Records
981 Aileen
Oakland, CA 94608


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