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Restricted Area: Explode

  1. Let Me Feel
  2. Inner Star
  3. Ett Gammalt Bergstroll
  4. Summer's End
  5. Last Voices
  6. Oublier
  7. Dreamland Witch
  8. Ont
  9. M.T.M. Whistle
  10. The Longing
  11. Game Over

The entire first half of this album is totally synth pop and only towards the later half of the release does the music even begin to change into plain vanilla electro. As a result the entirety of the release is extremely disjointed as the two musical styles clash and fight for dominance. When the mood of the music swings back and forth like a pendulum from sugary sweet to melancholy morose it makes for a extremely noncohesive album. The lyrics are sung both in English and French and are performed by both brother and sister in this sibling specific project. I prefer the French vocals because it adds a little mystic to the music and spares us from having to listen to the cheesy lyrical content that is so prevalent on most of the tracks. Restricted Area definitely needs to decide if they want to be an synth-pop of electro project quickly before they loose an audience in either genre from the horrible mixture of the two styles present on this album.

Restricted Area are: Peter & Lena Elm

Cyberware Productions
P.O. Box 623
Tampere, Finland


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