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Various Artists: Resonance

  1. Hate Dept. - Blowfish (Thump Junkie Mix)
  2. Sister Machine Gun - Bust It
  3. Pain Station - Curse
  4. Hellsau - Blissed (Sludge Mix)
  5. Tom Muschitz - Bondage Night
  6. Severed Heads - Heart of the Party (Banana Lid)
  7. Oneiroid Psychosis - Absolute Zero
  8. Leng-Tche (w/Matt Green of Spahn Ranch) - Horses!?
  9. Eco-Hed (featuring Van Christie) - Total Control
  10. Joe Bishara - Bogeyman
  11. 16 Volt (w/Spahn Ranch) - Fire Lives in the Hearts of All Men
  12. Alien Faktor - Invaders
  13. Cevin Key - No More Ghosts
  14. The Rat Kings - Space

"Resonance" is a collection of Electro-Industrial artists trying their hands at the current music industry buzz, Electronica. A few tracks on this compilation are intricately woven compositions that highlight the diverse musical skills of their authors, but most of the tracks quickly degenerate into oblivion. Case in point is the Hate Dept. track 'Blowfish' which starts out with a quiet rhythm and slowly builds with high-hats and snares. A few seemingly random sequences preface an interesting dub percussion that is immediately shattered by vocals and overused snares. The rest of the track perishes beneath the mediocrity of a single vocal line repeated far too many times. Bands like Severed Heads and Oneiroid Psychosis shine on this release mostly because the music is not far removed from their usual, while STR's Hellsau simply donates a remixed version of a track taken from his debut album. Sure, "Resonance" is intriguing for its novelty, but musically you are better off purchasing each respective artist's album.

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Milwaukee WI, 53202


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