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Requiem: No Solace

  1. Bateman
  2. Preacher Prozac vs. The PMS Princess
  3. Suspended Animosity
  4. Backmasked Jesus
  5. Intro to Dream (Lullaby)
  6. Bedsores
  7. Same as Yesterday
  8. Chloroform, a Child, and a Car Trunk
  9. Night Search
  10. Tranq (Gone Under)
  11. Music Box Birthday
  12. Waiting for My Heart to Stop

"No Solace" is an eclectic collection of often obtuse or disjointed material by David Graham recording under the name of Requiem. At times, much of the material presented on this album is underproduced, but that seems to be on purpose. Many of the musical elements used to compose the varied compositions are sonically very dirty, so it seems appropriate that a bad dubbed radio call-in sample still contains the hiss and hum from the cassette from which it was sampled. The album consists entirely of instrumentals, strung together samples and tape cut-up style juxtaposition which brings to mind many of the early Industrial tenets. Certainly David Graham evokes many of the classic Experimental styles as well, including test tones, chord progressions, and back-masked samples. If you enjoy bands like Illusion of Safety then Requiem is for you.

Requiem is: David Graham

452 Brown Ave
Butler, PA 16001


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