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Various Artists: Release Your Mind II

Disc 1:

  1. Vidna Obmana - Hypnotic Web
  2. Amber Asylum - Dream
  3. Lull - Found
  4. Trial of the Bow - Borderland
  5. Tuu - Shiva Descending
  6. Yen Pox - Summer Skin
  7. Mandible Chatter - Those Who Pass Through
  8. Tribes of Neurot - Broken Rings
  9. The Joy of Disease - Our Transformation
  10. Subarachnoid Space - LA Makes Me Uncomfortable

Disc 2:

  1. Hybryds - Alchemy
  2. James Plotkin - Intruder?
  3. Namanax - Released
  4. O Yuki Conjugate - Lithium
  5. Solarus - Negative Polarity
  6. Tactile - The Watcher
  7. Dissecting Table - Mask
  8. Runzelstirn and Gurglestock - Zerrhohe-Schlagpunkt
  9. PICA - *69
  10. Bastard Noise - Oct. 26

Disc 3:

  1. Condom - Lose Control
  2. Atrax Morgue - Destroy the Humans
  3. Last Satanic Dance - Inconvenience
  4. Illusion of Safety - Amenia
  5. Brume - Lose
  6. Smell and Quim - Prehensile Labial Prestididigitation
  7. Kapotte Musiek - Metalle
  8. Japanese Torture Comedy Hour - Voltage Monster
  9. Haters - Burst
  10. Skin Crime - Heaven's Gate
  11. Kazumoto Endo - Boom Boom Rappongi
  12. Masonna - Spark

Release Your Mind Volume II is part label sampler, part who's who in the experimental music genres, and all a work of art. The packing on this elaborately designed three Cd collection is nothing short of stunning. The entire package arrives bundled and folded into a nice flat box, but in order to remove the CD's, you have to unfold the package no less than six times for each disc. The entire package in covered in full color artwork consisting of shifting patterns of blue, green, violet and black. The majority of the packaging is blank, except for the panels immediately underneath where the CD's are stored. Those panels contain all the liner note information as well as detailed contact information for all thirty bands on the compilation.

The first disc focuses more on the ambient side of the experimental genre. This includes some of the more ethnic tracks as well as improvised and drone material. This disc is best enjoyed as subtle background music for any activity around the house that deserves a subdued soundtrack. The second disc is where things start to get interesting. It features a great deal more percussion and starts to get noisy in places. The final disc is restricted to the hard-core noise enthusiasts as it contains some of the most brutal noise acts on the planet. What makes this compilation so outstanding is that is crosses so many genres within the 200 minutes of music contained within it and it does so with subtle mood change from track to track allowing the music to build momentum from a dull buzz to a full blown torrent of feedback.

Relapse Records
P.O. Box 251
Millersville, PA 17551


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