Album Cover

Red Sector A: Submerged Realities

  1. Spin Machine #1
  2. Tetrafunk
  3. Celestial Freefall (remix)
  4. Hiro Hiro
  5. Expansion
  6. Spin Machine #2
  7. We Are Glass
  8. Audioroom
  9. Unknown Territories

Red Sector A rather enjoy taunting their audience by starting several of their tracks with a seemingly unrelated sample of early American theater music that spontaneously cuts into the actual track. At first one might assume that these preludes exhibit that the band doesn't know how to write an introduction to a song, but the presence of several tracks with well written prefaces disproves that theory. Instead, each of these snapshots serve as a portion of the conceptual theme of the album titled "Submerged Realities", which becomes obvious when you dissect the art design. The cover is a pile of old photographs viewed through the bottom of translucent glasses of water. Musically, the album is full of percussion heavy tracks, that are often subtlely slow or oddly fast. The tracks are fleshed out with vocal samples, odd keyboard quirks, and sequenced rhythms. The music isn't all that complex, but rather bizarre and disjointed much like a daydream in which we unconsciously submerge into other fantastic realities.

Minus Habens Records
via Giustino Fortunato 8/N
70125 Bari


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