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Various Artists: Got Moose?

  1. Diatribe - Ultracide
  2. Christ Analogue - Cold Magnetic Sun
  3. Killing Floor - Twelve.Ten.Forty-Eight
  4. Collide - Son of a Preacher Man (Raw Mix)
  5. Hexedene - Turn
  6. Waiting For God - Positive I.D.
  7. Purr Machine - Circumstance
  8. Hotbox - Wake
  9. Clay People - A Strange Day
  10. 16 Volt - The Cut Collector
  11. Society Burning - Tactiq
  12. Iron Lung Corp. - Chemikaze (DJ Twitch Mix)
  13. Vampire Rodents - Mother Tongue
  14. SMP - Friday The 13th
  15. Tinfed - Disjointed

Once again, whenever Re-Constriction releases a sampler, Chase has to add his twisted sense of humor. This time around he has toyed with the "Got Milk?" slogan to help promote his new radio thug; Moose. As usual the participants of this little media blitz are a mixed bag of the labels staple acts as well as a handful of teasers from both new signings and upcoming album releases. Highlights of the new crop of wageslaves include Jonathan Sharp's newest project Hexedene, Collide's cover of 'Son of a Preacher Man' that is set to appear on the Cyberpunk Fiction parody album, and SMP's previously unreleased 'Friday The 13th'. The new Killing Floor and Waiting for God tracks are also excellent tastes of each's forthcoming second release on the label. Of course there are a handful of disappointments as well which include Purr Machine, Hot Box and that annoying bonus track which sounds like an Electro-Hippy band gone bad. Definitely a good compilation for the $5 cover charge even if a few of the acts should really be drug out back and maimed to save our sensitive ears.

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