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Recoil: Unsound Methods

  1. Incubus 7:03
  2. Drifting 6:34
  3. Luscious Apparatus 6:10
  4. Stalker 6:42
  5. Red River Cargo 8:14
  6. Control Freak 5:38
  7. Missing Piece 5:30
  8. Last Breath 6:21
  9. Shunt 6:46

Alan Wilder returns with his first new Recoil album since he left Depeche Mode a few years back. Once again he has enlisted the aid of a myriad of different vocal talents including Douglas McCarthy of Nitzer Ebb, Maggie Estep, Siobhan Lynch, and Hildia Campbell, for the throatwork on the album. For the most part the vocals are nothing special although Mr. McCarthy does his best Bono impression on 'Stalker' while Maggie Estep excels in her girl power role on 'Luscious Apparatus' and 'Control Freak' even if the lyrics are atrocious on those tracks. Musically the album is a radical departure from 1992's "Bloodline" which focused more on ambience as well as a bit of Trance and House. This time around Alan has chosen to work with the overtly popular Drum'n'Bass style percussion along with scratching and other elements made popular by bands like Portishead. As a result this album has a very funky feel to it, which suggests that it's inherent groove is perfectly suited for dancing. Overall, "Unsound Methods" is certainly a very catchy album that is sure to please both past Recoil and Depeche Mode fans alike while dragging the whole urban dance crew along for the ride.

Recoil is: Alan Wilder

Mute Records
429 Harrow Road
London, W10 4RE


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