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Razor Skyline: Journal of Trauma

  1. Queen of Heaven
  2. Pray For Me
  3. Suicide Me
  4. Andrea
  5. Revenge: The Posion I.V.
  6. In The Mirror
  7. Pretty Things
  8. Predator
  9. Stranglehold
  10. Hanged Man

Threatened with legal action by the medical Journal of Trauma the band was impelled to quickly change it's name prior to the release of this debut album. However they did manage to retain the name for the album title as a saving grace. In retrospect The Razor Skyline was a more apt choice of nomenclature because I fell that it is a better description of the overall mood of the music. The band is fronted by a powerful female vocalist who serves as the catalyst for the remainder of the members. Her vocal range is wide enough to encompass the complete musical range of the album, varying from mopey gothic love songs, to more upbeat dance tunes. Overall The Razor Skyline does an excellent job of skirting a singular musical classification with such a diverse collection of tracks thereby catering to a much broader audience.

The Razor Skyline is:
Karen Kardell - vocals, lyrics
Corey Gunderson - guitar, programming, music
Angela - electronic percussion, programming

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981 Aileen St
Oakland, CA 94608


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