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Razed in Black: Shrieks, Laments and Anguished Cries

  1. Sintro 1:57
  2. Cyberium (On Speed) 5:08
  3. Black 4:50
  4. Control 4:44
  5. N.D. NYL 4:16
  6. Just Let It Go 5:14
  7. Preacher 6:05
  8. Pursuit 5:19
  9. Future Unknown 5:07
  10. What's Fair 6:23
  11. Power 4:50
  12. Forlorn 5:29
  13. Cyberium (Endurance Mix) 5:58

Romell Regulacion has done one of the most difficult things imaginable in the industrial music genre. He has been able to complete a solo project without any outside help and has done it extraordinarily well. Few people in this genre have been able to produce a totally solo album incorporating all the musical facets in modern industrial music and make it not only listenable, something that could be played in clubs or performed live equally as well. Trace elements of bands such as Front Line Assembly and Die Krupps are found throughout the album without sacrificing any originality for the sake of the music. Cleopatra has definitely added one of the better up and coming American acts to their menagerie of licensing deals. In this case Razed in Black hails not from the main land but from the tropical islands of Hawaii where they are bringing their own breed of industrial revolution to the natives in a way no one could have possibly imagined. Razed In Black is definitely a band to watch the musical horizon for, just remember to not insult the natives, because they are restless.

Razed in Black is: Romell Regulacion - vocals, programming, guitars

Cleopatra Records
8726 S. Sepulveda Blvd D-82
Los Angeles, CA 90045


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