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Rammstein: Sehnsucht

  1. Sehnsucht 4:04
  2. Engel 4:24
  3. Tier 3:46
  4. Bestrafe Mich 3:36
  5. Du Hast 3:54
  6. Buck Dich 3:21
  7. Spiel Mit Mir 4:45
  8. Klavier 4:22
  9. Alter Mann 4:22
  10. Eifersucht 3:35
  11. Kuss Mich (Fellfrosch) 3:30
  12. Engel (English Version) 4:25
  13. Du Hast (English Version) 3:54

What do you get when you take a German quartet, add electronics, and thundering guitars? The smart answer would be Die Krupps, but in this case the band in question is Rammstein. The two key differences between Die Krupps and Rammstein is that Rammstein prefers to sing in German, and they have absolutely no clue how to mix the guitars into their music. Just when the electronics start to get interesting, they are suddenly overwhelmed by a wall of guitars. The end effect is that the electronics become totally washed out and are totally pointless to even include on the album. Rammstein definitely needs a good engineer to work on their material, so that the subtle balance between electronics and guitars can be attained without having to sacrifice the benefits of either. The other downside to the material is that if you don't happen to understand German, the lyrics are also pointless. At least Rammstein include English versions of two tracks, but who really wants to know that 'Buck Dich' means 'Bend Over'?

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