Album Cover

Quartermass: Coolie Joolie

Side 1:

  1. Hiddens Blows Strike The Human Spirit
  2. Fever Powerful
  3. Sleepy Head
  4. Physical, Mental, Social

Side 2:

  1. Black Ghost
  2. It Would Be So Nice
  3. Gunfest

The bastard child project of those wicked little munchkins of Smersh who seem to love to embellish upon the fact that music is the last thing they seem to be producing but rather an addictive drug that one can never quite get enough of or break the nasty habit of listening too. As you can see that's quite a mental mouthful. This time the little demon spawn have descended upon experimental aerie of the harpies and begin to play even more games with the mind at a mildly respective bpm. One might even begin to call it ambient trance if only we all knew better. Once again these guys evade being anything they actually set out to be and without any justification. It's just good old fun music with seems to be written more for the artists benefit than the end listener and yet we can't seem to get enough.

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Princeton, NJ 08542


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