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  1. Clint Mansell - Pir^2
  2. Orbital - P.E.T.R.O.L.
  3. Autechre - Kalpol Intro
  4. Aphex Twin - Bucephalus Bouncing Ball
  5. Roni Size - Watching Windows
  6. Massive Attack - Angel
  7. Clint Mansell - We Got The Gun
  8. David Holmes - No Man's Lan
  9. Gus Gus - Anthem
  10. Banco De Gaia - Drippy
  11. Psilonaut - Third From The Sun
  12. Spacetime Continuum - A Low Frequency Inversion Field
  13. Clint Mansell - 2Pir

Supposition: Who could score the soundtrack to an underground film based on mathematics, conspiracy and religion without detracting from the brilliance of the film? Answer: Clint Mansell, formerly of Pop Will Eat Itself. Clint is just the wacky electronic music genius needed to score three original tracks specifically for use in the film Pi. He also assembles a dizzying array of similar artists to accentuate key elements in the movie. That said, this one cannot properly experience the soundtrack without first experiencing the film. The music simply doesn't stand on its own without the context for which each track was chosen. Go see Pi at your nearest underground theater and then spend an hour with a good set of headphones reliving the film all over again. You will gain a whole new perspective on both the motion picture and profound skills of the Clint Mansell who assembles such a perfect complimentary soundtrack.

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