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Various Artists: Paradigm Shift

  1. aDuck - Power
  2. Philth - Touched
  3. Download - Zonk Lift
  4. plateaU - Grasshopper
  5. Doubting Thomas - ZXY World
  6. Tear Garden - Georgie The Parasite
  7. Dead Voices on Air - Glae Bastards
  8. Kone - Beflepia
  9. Doubting Thomas - Blowfish Remix
  10. aDuck - Burnout
  11. Skinny Puppy - Melt
  12. Tear Garden - Message 3

Paradigm Shift is a collection of both older non album tracks and brand new projects from the boys at Subconscious Communications. The title is derived from a project that Dwayne Goettel was formulating prior to his unfortunate demise. Half of the material was taken from studio out takes during older Doubting Thomas, Skinny Puppy, & Tear Garden sessions and from the now out of print aDuck/Philth 'Power' 12". The remainder of the tracks are brand new pieces from previously mentioned projects as well as several new bands currently in the works. plateaU is perhaps the most interesting new project because it was originally formed to release a track on a Vancouver pro-marijuana compilation and has grown into a full fledged project preaching the positive effects of the plant affectionately known as "The Green Guy". Musically, the album follows a myriad of stylistic paths with the most common being the Subconscious Communications own breed of altered break beat techno. Overall this compilation is a definite must have for diehard fans and new converts alike. The next generation of Vancouver electro has arrived and this compilation most certainly heralds it's revival.

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