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Various Artists: The Pact Flying in the Face

  1. Death in June - The Only Good Neighbor
  2. Strength Through Joy - Dominions Behind the Sun
  3. Blood Axis - Eternal Soul
  4. Schwartze Orden - Heralds of the Dawn
  5. Fire & Ice - Seeker's Prayer
  6. Lux & Tenebris - Purity
  7. Arrkon - Osmosis
  8. Not Breathing - Oviates of the World, Unite and Take Over
  9. Eric Owens - Toss the Feathers
  10. Dogstar Communications - Innoukouzou: A Message from Nommo
  11. C.O.T.A. - Song for the Fifth World
  12. Life Garden - Pushkara
  13. Instagon - Thee Arrow
  14. Necromantia - Spiritforms of the Psychomancer

For the most part, "The Pact Flying in the Face", is lackluster collection of gothic folk bands from American and Europe. However, the compilation also contains a handful of experimental audio projects like Not Breathing, Life Garden & Instagon to keep it from being totally boring. Not Breathing contributes one of their older tracks, 'Oviates of the World, Unite and Take Over', which is a collection of atmospheric ambient whorls and hallucination induced percussion. Dogstar Communications donates the sub-bass heavy noise miasma, 'Innoukouzou: A Message from Nommo', that you feel more than hear. Life Garden lulls you with 'Pushkara', before it explodes into a harsh percussive arrangement. All in all, a very decent compilation, with the first half catering to the European folk audience, which I am none too found of, and the later half focusing on the more eclectic experimental projects of the American southwest.

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