Album Cover

Oxygiene 23: Blue

  1. adonis
  2. krsna
  3. angel
  4. sacrifice
  5. flying
  6. anywhere
  7. smooch
  8. dance all night
  9. lode
  10. good for you
  11. millennium
  12. opium

The thought of Jim Marcus playing real instruments scared the living daylights out of me until I found out about his classical music training in his youth. Nevertheless new age industrial music compared to the likes of perhaps Enya and Kitaro was not something I expected from Mr. Marcus at all. New age practically sums up the entire album, wind instruments percolate, extravagant electronic and live percussion filter through the fresh spring breeze, and female vocals dance through meadows. Soft, happy, percussive and very lulling. Definitely nothing you'd find yourself dancing to any time soon. An oddly unique musical fanfare from the last people on earth you'd expect this kind of music to come from.

Oxygiene 23 are:
Jane Jensen - programming, vocals
Van Christie - guitar, programming, engineering
Jim Marcus - flute, saxophone, drums, percussion, piano

Fifth Column Records
P.O. Box 787
Washington, DC 20044


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