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Various Artists: Outer Space Communications Vol. 3

  1. Intro
  2. Blue Environment - Aotearoa
  3. Astral Body - Thinzia Pia
  4. MXP - Tuning Circuits v.01
  5. Lost Right - Deutsch
  6. Plastic System - Dynamic Solution
  7. A3000 - Pulse Pirate
  8. It - Nionica (Unknown Ratio)
  9. Xyrex - Laudanum
  10. Pluse Code Modulation - Space 444
  11. Sw@nild@ - Divine/Action
  12. Monomorph - Rystal
  13. Frankie Bit - Simpson's Trip
  14. Le Forbici Di Manitu' - Mackenzietherapy
  15. Urbanatribu - Johnny Constantine

Outer Space Communications is a compilation designed to expand the aural horizons of it's listening audience by attempting to incorporate the music itself in conjunction with some of the new fringe technology. The artists were selected in part by their association in the fields of virtual reality, world wide communication networks, shamanism and conspiracy theories. While a large majority of these artists were selected from the Minus Habens catalog a significant proportion were chosen from other European labels as well. At least half of the racks present are exclusive remixes are tracks or have never released while the remainder can be found one albums of the respective artists. Musically speaking the general theme of the entire compilation is one of a trance like ambient arrangement of electronic composition. Few lyrics of any kind appear on any of the tracks and guitars are totally absent which out to please many of the electro purists. The only real stand out track one the compilation is by Le Forbici De Manitu which incorporates spoken word samples by Gudrun Gut who has appeared in several of the Einstruzende Neubauten spawned plays released on Ego Records over the past several years. Apart from that unexpected nugget of brilliance no other track stands out as anything innovative or ground breaking.

Minus Habens Records
via Giustino Fortunato 8/N
70125 Bari


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