Album Cover

Out Out: Finched

  1. Radio Valkyrie One
  2. Finched
  3. Never Tell
  4. P.A.B.
  5. Blinders
  6. In Threes
  7. Flinch
  8. Pointed Fingers
  9. The Warning
  10. Finched (Delusions)
  11. Never Tell (Instigator)
  12. The Warning (Quagmire)

This newly reissued version of "Finched" is not only remastered but it contains a single remix that was not contained on the original Axis Records release. Since this album was originally released in 1992, it is obviously dated in places, but by no means does it sound archaic. Perhaps my favorite portions of the album are the abundance of digitally altered William S. Burroughs samples along with a varying array of samples taken from common computer accessories like floppy drives and modems. On any other album, those samples would be extremely tacky and trite, but in this case all it brings about is a sense of nostalgia. It is also very interesting to play this album side by side with "Pepperbox Muzzle" and "Nisus" to note the minor stylistic changes and the massive increase in production quality. Overall "Finched" is very much a journey back to the retro Wax Trax days of old while still retaining quite a great deal of relatively recent electronic composition techniques. This album is a definite must have for fans of any other Out Out material.

Out Out is: Mark Alan Miller

Metropolis Records
P.O. Box 54307
Philadelphia, PA 19105


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