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Out Out: Nisus

  1. Intro 0:46
  2. Caustic Circle 5:44
  3. No.5 United 4:46
  4. Pursue, Apprehend, Prosecute & Incarcerate 4:55
  5. Duchess 4:48
  6. Blacklist 3:58
  7. Cold Water 6:32
  8. Pulling Teeth Perhaps 4:04
  9. E&E 5:01
  10. Ethico 4:32
  11. nISus 4:14

Mr. Mark Miller returns after a long hiatus with a new album which adds a heavier guitar factor into his work, which was hinted at by his contributions to the "Coldwave Breaks" and "There Is No Time" compilations. But never fear, he still maintains that mesmerizing cold atmosphere present on his earlier albums, as evidenced by the track Cold Water'. Mr. Miller also shows us he has not lost anything in terms of his amazing electronic wizardry and manipulations. The overall programming sounds fuller in comparison to earlier work, especially on the drum sounds. In a few places the guitars tend to go over the top, but they rarely distract the listener from the powerful electronic ingredients. This is a very enjoyable release that displays a creative usage in combining guitars and electronics and reasserts my faith that there are still quality acts involved in the synth-core movement. (Kevin Congdon)

Out Out is: Mark Alan Miller

Metropolis Records
P.O. Box 54307
Philadelphia, PA 19105


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