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Our Glassie Azoth: Our Glassie Azoth

  1. Our Glassie Azoth
  2. Weirdstone
  3. Cthonic Meditation
  4. Iosis

I am still banging on the side of my head in hopes my ears will stop ringing. The incessant tones that remain in my head are a result of the piercing whines of the eponymous Our Glassie Azoth release. At times the high pitched tones used throughout this album are a bit much to experience in one sitting, as they penetrate every core and fiber of the aural system. I feel it necessary to explain that this isn't a noise album, but rather a collection of Ambient backtracks and constant analogue moans coupled with ear splitting tonal peaks that mimic national disaster test tones. To this day, these tones instill dread of some unavoidable phenomena. As a result, the autonomic fight or flight response that it imbues in me leaves me unable to give this release a fair review.

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