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Various Artists: The Other World

Disc 1:

  1. Vidna Obmana - Approaching The Glaze 9:42
  2. Ruben Garcia and A Produce - Rhyolite 4:20
  3. Thomas Ronkin - The gates of Sleep 9:57
  4. Saul Stokes - (Never Ending) Halogen Sparrows 8:58
  5. A Produce - Midnight Pond 6:33
  6. Jeff Greinke - Humid 4:38
  7. Ron Boots - Among The Stars 8:03
  8. M. Griffin - Dyslerium 8:09
  9. David Tollefson - Exqoor (Illusive Mix) 6:00
  10. Egghatcher - Tweep 5:50

Disc 1:

  1. Larry Kucharz - 1976 #5A 8:39
  2. Meg Bowlers Adrift in the Arms of Morpheus 8:25
  3. Exit - Sleep 1 (Lucid Mix) 7:56
  4. Alpha Wave Movement - Subterranean (Unknown Depth Mix) 6:44
  5. Robert Scott Thompson - Curvature 7:35
  6. Viridian Sun - Interia Sol 8:26
  7. Jeff Pearce - The Sacred Descent 7:05
  8. Katsuya Horonaka - Entrance 6:29
  9. Richard Bone - Via Mycropia 8:06

"The Other World" is surely the largest collection of true Ambient artists I've run into in awhile. Apart from the obvious well known faces of Vidna Obmana and Jeff Greinke, this two CD collection also features all four artists currently on the Hypnos Records roster, Viridian Sun, Saul Stokes, Mike Griffin and David Tollefson, as well as more than ten artists I've never heard before.

Musically the collection is very diverse which is to be expected with such a diverse cross section of composers. Almost all of the tracks are beatless, instead chosing to utilize strings, brass and woodwinds to compose a bewildering array of ambience. The tracks can be broken rather evenly into two categories, the first being those that utilize natural elements such as water and wind, and those who use purely electronic synthesis in their compositions.

Standout tracks include Saul Stokes' '(Never Ending) Halogen Sparrows' which stands out as unique with it's deep bass ripples and mechanical instrumentation, David Tollefson's 'Exqoor' which was composed entirely on a guitar, albeit a bit filtered and flanged, and Alpha Wave Movement's 'Subterranean' which utilizes its namesake alpha waves to induce an almost cathartic state. If you are looking for a collection of soothing electronics and harmonic atmospheres then "The Other World" will certainly fit your needs.

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