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...Of Skin & Saliva: Sahul

  1. Sahul
  2. The Wicker Man
  3. Yggdrasil
  4. Cleansing The Spine

Up for a little death cult industrial, light on the guitars, heavy on the torture, then join the pagan worship Of Skin & Saliva! Cacophonic demons gibber behind the heavily filtered vocals, cries of pain echo from the depths of the percussion, and the smell of death is in the air. OSAS crawled forth from the middle ages to worship the machine god of music and the hyrid style betwixt metal and flesh is pure entropy. The music is most fitting for a race of bioengineered daemons ripe to take over the world who need to take time out from the ritual domination to dance a little. My soul shudders in anticipation of the forthcoming full length album coming soon.

OSAS are: War-N Harrison & M. Kain N.

5089 Parkside
Mason, OH 45040
(513) 398-8432

COP International
981 Aileen St.
Oakland, CA 94608


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