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Various Artists: Oracle Pool 2

  1. Dripping Rictus - Severe
  2. Daed 21 - Birth of Liquid Desire
  3. Idiot Stare - Angelic
  4. Jagd Wild - Cry For Salvation
  5. FourthMan - Guilt
  6. Colour Clique - Foe Hammer
  7. Reanimated Soul - Pious Nonsense
  8. Bytet - Time To Play (Eternity Mix)
  9. Structure - I Want Some Thrash
  10. Pee - Fragment
  11. Naked Wavelength - Molecular Scar
  12. 162 - End
  13. Multiplex - I Can't Explain
  14. Jagd Wild - Come Join The Hunt
  15. Daed 21 - Gala

"Oracle Pool 2" is the second label sampler release by British Columbia based KSM Records. Like many small independent labels, the sampler contains only a few artists signed directly to the label, while the rest of the talent comes from a variety of other acts. "Oracle Pool 2" is also unique because it contains only Electro artists with little or no deviation from the standard genre model. In fact, I don't I hear a single guitar note, sampled or otherwise, anywhere on this compilation. Instead, each of the thirteen different artists featured here have chosen to assault our senses with totally artificial sounds. Hilights include; Dripping Rictus's 'Severe', with a very familiar, yet unplaceable string loop, the now defunct Jagd Wild with 'Cry for Salvation' and 'Come Join The Hunt', both with an odd Nordic influence, and 162's 'End', a short instrumental, yet still packed with a great deal of presence. Overall "Oracle Pool 2" is a fairly solid compilation of independent artists, most of which exhibit enough talent to hopefully survive out in the rough wilds of the Electro Underground.

KSM Records
2305 Vista Court
Coquitlam, British Columbia
V3J 6W2


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