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Oneiroid Psychosis: Assuage

  1. Asssuage (Deviation)
  2. Apostasy (Decree)
  3. Assuage (Album Version)
  4. Hallucinate
  5. Geobot
  6. Assuage (Fluid)

Since Oneiroid Psychosis has never released a single before "Assuage", I was unsure as to how this release would sound. Normally, I would consider it blasphemy to try and rework the already picture perfect compositions of the Hansen brothers, but I decided to simply let the music speak for itself rather than making any brash assumption with this release. As it turns out, that was probably a good idea, because the three remixes on the "Assuage" single, while not something that Lars and Leif would have ever done themselves, are an intersting window into someone else's view of their music. The first Joseph Bishara remix of 'Assuage' is a very upbeat, almost club friendly version of the track while the second is much more true to the original track in mood and execution. The Chris Peterson remix of 'Apoptasy' is what you would expect from the musical genius behind Decree and Will. It is full of noisy beat patterns and sweeping synthlines that radically restructure the track. What remains in its original form on this release is 'Assuage' itself, and two non album tracks; 'Hallucinate' and 'Geobot', both of which would have been right at home on the last Oneiroid Psychosis album "Fantasies About Illness". Overall, 'Assuage' is definitely a step above many remix singles mostly because the remixers wet out of their way to rework the original intent of the each track into effectively a new body of work.

Oneiroid Psychosis is: Lars & Leif Hansen

Decibel Records
615 N. Milwaukee St
Milwaukee WI, 53202


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