Album Cover

Oneiroid Psychosis: Fantasies About Illness

  1. Psychasthene
  2. Assuage
  3. Midnight Mist
  4. Box
  5. Apostasy
  6. Influence of Organism
  7. Symbion
  8. Obscurium Per Obscurius
  9. Arise And Pass Away
  10. Somnambulus
  11. The Micro-Implant Conspiracy

This sophomore effort by Oneiroid Pyschosis exhibits many of the elements that made their first album such a success as well as many new items that should expand their audience even further. Many of the dreary gothic elements have been toned and replaced with more visceral substitutes that seek to enlighten the mind instead of depress it. Long drawn out keyboards sections and string patches are heavily favored which give the music more of a consistent flow. The same mentally disturbing lyrics remain which continue the same perverse feeling found on the debut release. Someone definitely needs to get Oneiroid Psychosis a job scoring horror films as this material yet again is fodder from deeply recessed nightmares and dark inner worlds of the mind. Pardon me while I lock myself in a closet in an effort to escape the delirium.

Oneiroid Psychosis are:
Lars Hansen - vocals, electronics, guitar
Leif Hansen - electronics

Decibel Records
615 N. Milwaukee St
Milwaukee WI, 53202


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