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Oneiroid Psychosis: Stillbirth

  1. Succubi 5:43
  2. Prurience 4:24
  3. Flashmachine 4:30
  4. Bloodlust 4:01
  5. Menarche 5:25
  6. Hypnagogic Existence 7:57
  7. Psychopath Sexualis 6:08
  8. Mind's I 3:52
  9. Motionless 4:22
  10. Broken Eyes 6:20

Dark waves of ambience roll across the sky signaling a change in weather patterns. A soft rain of blood spatters across the window as the wind picks up. A subtle paradigm shifts occurs and the listener finds themselves without a frame of reference upon which their fragile reality is debased. The entrance to this nightmare realm coincides with directly with the music of Oneiroid Psychosis. Very similar to Coil's "Hellraiser Themes" but with vocals this album explores the dark realms of horror within the human psyche. Excellent music to play on a rainy day or to instill a mood of dread and terror upon the listener. It only takes another moment to realize that the dream is real.

Oneiroid Psychosis is: Lars & Leif Hansen

Decibel Records
615 N. Milwaukee St
Milwaukee WI, 53202


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