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Old: Formula

  1. last look
  2. break [you]
  3. devolve
  4. underglass
  5. thug
  6. rid
  7. amoeta

James Plotkin invades your airwaves with a deluge of analog loops and tapes that seem to dull your senses and wish you had something else to play on you CD player. I hesitate to call this music ambient but it borders on the fringes of acoustic ambient rhythms for the amount of music being looped but the arrangement contains an inordinate amount of guitar work and noise experimentation to truly fall under that particular taxonomy. In fact while the music appears to be a complex selection of harmonic and dissonant tones derived from analog and digital devices it ends up sounding rather flat and monotone and almost droning. The music lacks any sense of a pulse and becomes instead that annoying noise you scream at your neighbors to shut off at early hours of the morning because it upsets the delicate balance of your inner ear and subconscious concentration. I kind of wonder if they piped this stuff into Muzak, if the clerical staff of some large company would all go off and become the next starring role of "Falling Down." Maybe I'm being a little extreme with my boredom but something is definitely lacking in my imagination as to why this album doesn't ebb with any degree of aural articulation.

Old is:
James Plotkin - music
Alan Dubin - words

Earache Records
295 Lafayette ST.
Suite 915
New York, NY 10012


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