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Various Artists: Tyranny Off the Beat Vol. 2

  1. Delay - La Bete Humaine
  2. Bionic - Antimatter
  3. Front Line Assembly - Barcode (Edit 2.0)
  4. Gracious Shades - This Blackness
  5. Suicide Commando - The Human Disgrace
  6. 16 Volt - Skin (Mix of Hate)
  7. Steril - The Ascent
  8. Eco - Schmutz
  9. Covenant - Speed (Club version)
  10. Download - Attalal (Virtual Flower)
  11. Mentallo & the Fixer - Murderers Among Us (B.K. mix)
  12. Haujobb - Cold Comfort (Frozen)
  13. Forma Tadre - Looking Glass (Original)
  14. Dimentia Simplex - Die Down
  15. NoiseBox - Monkey Ass (Live mix)
  16. Genital A-Tech - This Fusion

Off Beat returns with another great compilation of bands on its roster. There are more bands on this compilation than on the first volume, due to the fact the label has gained quite a few more acts either through signings or licensing deals from other labels, as well as the fact that each act has only one track (whereas most acts had two on the first volume). Delay, Eco, Haujobb and Genital A-tech return from the first volume to demonstrate their great European electro-industrial sounds, while first time appearances by FLA, NoiseBox and 16 Volt illustrate the harder-edged, coldwave stylings coming from a large part of the North American scene. Pure electro from North American shows up as well with tracks by Download (remixed by Haujobb) and Mentallo & the Fixer. These two tracks show the genius and mastery of electronic mayhem of these two bands, and why many consider them both leaders in the new "industrial" generation. The band Forma Tadre contributes a formidable track that completely invades you and refuses to let go, largely due to its throbbing, pounding beats and gothic sensibilities. This release showcases a wider diversity than the first, presenting styles ranging from the minimal electro (like the track by Suicide Commando) to ambient (the track by Delay), to the aforementioned coldwave (tracks by Steril and Dementia Simplex along with those mentioned previously). (Kevin Congdon)

Off Beat
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