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Of Unknown Origin: Seven Ovens of the Soul

  1. From The Womb
  2. Meditation Ladder
  3. Saturnine Night
  4. Chemognosis
  5. The Son of the Red Dawn
  6. Sphered in a Radiant Cloud
  7. Urlo
  8. Nemonik Entropy
  9. And So On For Ever

Drone, chants, hums, bells, and noise, this album has it all. Waxing and waning soundscapes replace the all but absent rhythms. A quick look at the track listing denotes that the album patterns our own life cycle starting at birth and ending when Mother Earth eventually reclaims us as raw materials. Each of the nine tracks follows us as we proceed through life. 'Meditation Ladder' parodies the scholastic training of youth, 'Nemonik Entropy' discusses the chaotic effect that age has on our physical bodies and 'Sphered in a Radiant Cloud' describes the golden years of life where we are the most productive in society. All of this symbolism is performed via the music with no lyrical devices except sparsely laden samples that permeate the thick ambience. The name of the band is a thinly veiled reference of our own ignorance of man's true origins. "Seven Ovens of the Soul" is an experimental concept album at its best.

Of Unknown Origin: Bryin Dall & Derek Rush

World Serpent Distribution
Unit 717 Seager Buildings
Brookmill Road, London
SE8 4HL, England


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