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Oblivious Scientist: Sounds For Nestra

  1. Up From the Slab 3:47
  2. Frenetica 2:19
  3. Automaton 3:03
  4. Bloodstream 6:00
  5. I'm the Android 0:55
  6. Canto Volta 2:44
  7. Pi Meson 2:39
  8. Electric Ant Farm 3:53
  9. Factory Nine 5:10
  10. Titration 2:05
  11. Sarcophagon 5:16

Oblivious Scientist is an experimental project based out of California. The music consists of a handful of short noise percussion pieces and a few longer more ambient focused compositions. All of the tracks are devoid of vocals which leaves more room for the music to grow and develop. Oblivious Scientist is definitely a project that takes a certain acquired taste to properly enjoy. While the casual listener might accuse it of sounding like 'noise & rumbling bass', a true connoisseur would grasp the true intricacy of the music and the subtleties of it's granularity. Regardless, the band isn't breaking any new ground and is instead remaining quite faithful to it's minimalistic sound construction technique roots.

Oblivious Scientist is: Jordan Avon

Silver Wheel Music
482 View Street
Mountain View, CA 94041
(415) 964-7231


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