Album Cover

Out of Band Experience and Kings of Feedback:

Open Your Ears

    Out Of Band Experience

  1. Obsolete
  2. Angie Baby
  3. Succubus Doggystyle
  4. Gimmick
  5. Go
  6. You Rang
  7. Za
  8. Turn On
  9. One Helluva Tweek
  10. Sample This
  11. Bloodlust
  12. Alien Android Succubus
  13. Sub-G Spot
  14. Call Now! 1-(617) LICK OBE

    Kings of Feedback

  15. Hail! Kings of Feedback
  16. Hearing Test
  17. Fight The Real Enemy
  18. Normal
  19. Fropman
  20. I Don't Give a Fuck
  21. Fuck Amerika
  22. Used Slack
  23. Community Standards
  24. Wall-O-Noise
  25. Point The Finger
  26. Kill Bob
  27. Call Now! 1-(617) LICK OBE

How can I even begin to describe the off the wall music on this album? Garage rock samples echo off Dischoridian chants mixed with erratic percussion and stoned programming. If you've ever had an experience with the Church of The SubGenius SubGenius you might begin to understand the pure insanity that is taking place on each and every track. By simply listening to this album you've begun a never ending journey into the wacky world of the first online religion that revolves around so much useless information you wonder how it can exist in any singular entity. If you flushes your record album down the toilet today and reconstructed the remains into a playable media you might just reproduce what appears on this album. This has to be the most wacked out piece of music outside of Throbbing Gristle I've ever had the displeasure to sit through.

Extraterrestrial Records
P.O. Box 221
Boston, MA 02123
1-(617) LICK OBE

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