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Numb: Blind

  1. Blind (Numb Remix)
  2. Blind (Dive/Monolith Remix)
  3. Blind (Phaedra Remix)
  4. Auto-Erotic

If the new Numb single 'Blind' is meant to tease us with some of the new musical madness that Don Gordon has devised for us on the forthcoming album, then it is sure doing it's job. While this single only contain three mixes of 'Blind' as well as a non-album track entitled 'Auto-Erotic', the depth at which these tracks are reworked effectively makes this a four song EP. First up is Numb's own remix of 'Blind' which tones down some of the noisier elements found in the album version and accentuates the dance rhythms that are sure to make this remix a staple in many clubs. Next is the Phaedra mix which starts with the stripped down bass line and then rumbles into a slightly slowed version of 'Blind' which remains very minimalistic throughout the entire track. Finally the Dive/Monolith version adds a very more straight forward Drum'n'Bass beats along with a few atmospheric synth whorls and minimal vocals making for the most intriguing mix of the bunch. 'Auto-Erotic' rounds up the single with an almost club friendly experimental track which is chocked full of vocal samples but doesn't progress much outside of the vein of the original version of 'Blind'. Overall, this single is a very excellent introduction to what will most certainly be an explosive new Numb album.

Numb is: Don Gordon & David Collings

Metropolis Records
P.O. Box 54307
Philadelphia, PA 19105


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