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Numb: Koro

  1. Ratblast
  2. Right
  3. Hole
  4. Driven
  5. Frantic
  6. Effigy
  7. Wasted Sky
  8. Painless
  9. Deadinside
  10. Shithammer
  11. God is Dead
  12. Curse
  13. Blood

This album was recorded live in Japan and definitely goes to show that this type of music can more than succeed in a live setting, and also shows why Numb are one of the forerunners in the "industrial" scene. Songs are taken from every album but the playlist does present more material off the last two albums. The amount of power and emotion that David Collings brings with his vocals and the atmosphere that Don is able to create with his mixture of guitar and keyboards throughout will definitely make you wish that you could see them live, even if you already have. Even the slower and more atmospheric pieces such as Effigy' and Blood' come across with this awe-inspiring power, which completely overwhelms you. David does an excellent job delivering the vocals, even though he was not the original vocalist for any of these songs when they came out on CD (of course he has been doing these songs live for over a year now). The high point of this CD for me personally, was the track Painless' which totally obliterated me with its combination of maniac drum programming, creepy synths and all-out aggression. So if you're one of those people who think this genre can only come across effectively in a studio setting, I would recommend you pick this up to see how wrong you are. (Kevin Congdon)

Numb are:
Don Gordon - guitars, keyboards, percussion
David Collings - vocals, keyboards, percussion
Richard Hanley - electronic percussion, drums

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Vancouver B.C.
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