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NuMantra: NuMantra

  1. Mesh
  2. Adhunk
  3. To Dream in Reverse
  4. Les Coers Danser
  5. Q Mark Vs. Fingerman P.L.O. Mix
  6. To Dream Away
  7. Geek Mix
  8. Hypnagogic
  9. AdHunk II
  10. Gap

A lot of artists these days are pushing the boundaries of what is acceptable in music. NuMantra is a fine example of one of those projects who come out of virtually nowhere with a provocative new outlook on music. At the core NuMantra is essentially a quintet of artists who have chosen to use what is normally a traditional Eastern ethnic set of instruments in a rather Westernized approach. The end result is a cross-pollination of cultures and instruments both acoustic and digital, that seek to compliment each other in wholly uncharacteristic manner. The sitar glides effortlessly over the keyboard rhythms while the bass guitar drives the beat and the female vocalist steers the entire musical vehicle with her dynamic range. Most times when an artist tries to utilize such radically different musical styles they have a tendency to sound fundamentally wrong, yet NuMantra have managed to find the correct mixtures of elements so that it works right each and every time they make the attempt. The end result is a smooth flowing album that effortlessly wanders across and wide range of mood and tempos and take the audience along for the ride just as easily.

NuMantra is:
Chris Douglas - Sitar
Dale Sadler - Synthesizer
Martin Aguilera - Drums
J.P. Anderson - Bass
Brahim Mest - Percussion
Mead Dunevant - Vocals

P.O. Box 31254
Seattle, WA 98103-1254

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