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Null: Terminal Breach

  1. Zero Wave 6:30
  2. Voice of Eternity 7:50
  3. Cosmic Rape 1:26
  4. War Dance 17:20
  5. Terminal Beach 12:57

Null is a solo project by none other than K.K. Null of the infamous Zeni Geva. Apparently Zeni Geva finances him with just enough money to allow him the benefit of working on solo projects such as the more ambient experimental Null in his free time. As a result, he can compose new albums, like "Terminal Beach", which is both named after and inspired by the J.G Ballard book of the same name. Musically the album consists of a handful of long ambient textures, overlaid with slow moving percussion, and an odd assortment of mechanically created samples. The overall package ends up sounding like a cross between structured noise, and pure lulling ambience as KK Null meanders his way through the album. Several of the pieces remind me of a few of the Brian Lustmord projects as well, yet they retain just enough of their own originality to avoid any obvious recognition of influence. In conclusion, Null, is one of those projects that either makes excellent background music for whatever task you are performing during the day or should be listened to at loud volumes with a good set of headphones to fully appreciate all the depth and tonality of the composition.

Null is: Kazuyuki K Null

Manifold Records
P.O. Box 1226
Memphis, TN 38182


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