Noxious Emotion: Count Zero

  1. The Future
  2. Street
  3. Loveshocked
  4. Boundary
  5. Steril
  6. M.A.R.K.-13
  7. The Present
  8. SO-937
  9. Eye-Claw
  10. Bio-Analogue
  11. Neural Surge
  12. The Past

This advanced copy of the second Noxious Emotion album is tentatively titled "Count Zero", probably after the William Gibson book by the same name. The first thing I noticed upon listening to the album was that Noxious Emotion have finally shed their strong Skinny Puppy influence in favor of more original sounds. This has allowed them to transcend the problem of sounding like a clone band, and let them stand alone as a musical project. Musically, the album is full of percussion heavy songs that are just too slow to receive any significant club play. The vocals also contain more than their fair share of expletives, therefore denying them steady radio airplay. As a result, I feel that despite all their hard work and effort, they won't receive proper praise for this album simply because they self-imposed too many constraints upon themselves. However, they still continue to play live in and around the Seattle area. That coupled with the replacement equipment purchased after their disastrous tour attempt in early 1996, will at least keep them afloat long enough for at least one more album.

Noxious Emission are: Mike Wimer & Shane Benson

Noxious Emotion
2146 N 113th St #103
Seattle, WA 98133


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