Album Cover

Noxious Emotion: This Hallowed Ground

  1. Spartacus
  2. The System
  3. Firemission
  4. Symbiosis
  5. Specimen 32
  6. Cartafilis
  7. Orbital Array
  8. Complacency
  9. Driven In
  10. Missread
  11. CRM-114
  12. FPMO

Just when you thought it was safe to explore music free from influence from bands such as Skinny Puppy, think again. Not only does Noxious Emotion utilize the stream of consciousness lyrical style, but the vocal filtering as well. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but sufficient warning must be given prior to listening to this album if you want to try and acquire an honest set of influences for this band. Noxious Emotion deviates strongly from the Skinny Puppy motif by not burying the lyrics deep within the music and instead focusing on creating harmony between the less demanding programming style and the vocal arrangement. The net result is creating a non complex style with random guitar placement and less dance rhythm. The band totally ignores the problems with walls of noise that most Skinny Puppy clones fall into by simply not venturing into that arena. The album completes itself as a rather stalwart attempt at creating a unique sound from unoriginal musical concepts. Not a bad showing from a band stuck in the grunge rut of Seattle.

Noxious Emission is: Mike Wimer & Shane Benson

Noxious Emotion
11333 8th Ave NE
Seattle, WA 98125


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