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Note: Kerne

  1. Cycle 4:54
  2. End 0:18
  3. 180 6:08
  4. Rotar 5:47
  5. Modular 3:59
  6. 180sta 1:59
  7. Stimme 2:19
  8. Aka 3:20
  9. Wa 2:28
  10. Lab 4:25
  11. Gap 5:04
  12. Was 0:09
  13. Rund 5:45
  14. Hertz 6:28
  15. Summe 4:09
  16. Pol 2:29
  17. Hybrid 1:25
  18. Bis +1 6:31

Noto joins the ranks of Panasonic and Ryoji Ikeda with his own brand of electronic minimalism. Not content to simply write dance music, Carsten Nicolai instead composes music with staunch rules and techniques. Each of the eighteen tracks on "Kerne" uses a different waveform. You can identify the chosen waveforms since they are also the track titles. A quick check of the liner notes reveals such basic waveforms as cyclic, rotor, and hybrid. What is not obvious is whether or not Noto wrote the entire album with only a few finite sampled elements and then rearranged for the chosen waveforms of each track. No matter the origin, true audiophiles can appreciate the sounds on this album the dissonant tones on many tracks are difficult to tolerate at times. This is intelligent electronic music at its apex for the true cognoscenti.

Noto is: Carsten Nicolai

Plate Lunch Records
114 N. Edison Ave.
Tampa, FL 33606-1434


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