Album Cover

Not Breathing: Trilo/Bytes

Side 1

  1. The Chomper

Side 2

  1. Dead Kids Dub
  2. The Kraken (Posiden Beat Box)
  3. The Kraken (Mariana Trench Mix)

Apparently, Dave Wright hasn't totally signed his life away to Invisible Records since he just released this very limited edition cassette on his own label Shoggoth Productions. Limited to 63 copies, "Trilo/Bytes" is just over an hour of new, old, and remixed Not Breathing material. 'Chomper' which fills the entirety of the first side, is the token new material on the release. The track rumbles across barren terrains of staccato noise and watery bubbling. It is extremely diverse for its length and could easily be broken into several shorter tracks, but, within the context of this release, its length is appropriate. An older track 'Dead Kids Dub' and two remixes of another older track 'Kraken' grace the second side of cassette. 'Dead Kids Dub' starts with sampled noises of children on a playground graduakky overlaid by a cathartic dirge of power noise. The first mix of 'Kraken' utilizes the waterphone typical in Dave Wright's compositions. If you are an avid Not Breathing fan, you will have to act fast to acquire this stunning release.

Not Breathing
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