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Not Breathing: The Starry Wisdom

Disc Nuclear:

  1. Sacred Relapse
  2. Quixl
  3. Digenetic Dub
  4. Voudoun Electrique
  5. Neptune Rotor Probe
  6. Chunky Monkey
  7. Sexy German Chick Theme
  8. The Floater
  9. Celliphas
  10. Magneto Maximus

Disc Abyss:

  1. One Winged Dove
  2. Bowels of Cthulhu
  3. The Sog March
  4. Heliopause
  5. Mushroom Dub
  6. Lost Carcosa
  7. 3breath0aether3
  8. Scorpion Dream
  9. Wet Creosote

Dave Wright has been quite a busy little musician over the past year, releasing a second full length album, a collaboration with Marc Spybey of Dead Voices on Air as well as a two North America tours and now the release of a new double album. What makes Dave's music so appealing is his commitment to avoid sequencing and looping as much as possible and to perform all of his material totally live. This forces Dave to improvise, both when performing and when composing new material because he always has to think ahead of himself to avoid the repetition he dislikes so much.

"Starry Wisdom" is broken into two distinct styles of music. The first disc, aptly titled Nuclear, is what Dave affectionately refers to as 'tekno'. This means the music is deeply layered with analogue synthesizers, meadering percussion and lush, textured atmospheres. It contains some of the most upbeat and high tempo that Dave has ever written. In contrast, the second disc, titled Abyss, is composed of the darkest ambient soundscapes and caustic noise-making I've heard from Dave yet. The first disc caters to a more energetic mood, suitable for contorted body movements and dancing while the second disc is more becoming of a dark room, candles and a pair of expensive headphones. Once again Not Breathing proves that there is no stopping this multi-talented project.

Not Breathing is: Dave Wright

Invisible Records
P.O. Box 16008
Chicago, IL 60616


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