Album Cover

Noise Level 9: Beta 2.01

  1. Down
  2. Lie
  3. Control

One particular thing about this demo tape bothers me and it is the fact that it appears that all the songs for all three songs on the demo have been in fact recycled for each song and that the only difference is the musical arrangement and vocals. The music is a highly sequenced amalgamation of sample sources such as guitars and found sound and ends up sounding somewhere between FLA's 'Millennium' and Chemlab due to the abuse of sample guitars and crunching electronic washes. The vocals are harsh generally meaningless extensions to the mix whose only purpose is to accentuate the music and keep the listener from dissecting music down to a very finite level. Apart from the aforementioned inconsistencies the band has actually grown musically since the release of their last demo. If this type of musical growth can remain constant until a label finds them they should be able to develop their own unique style without having to rely on the outside influence of others.

Noise Level 9
P.O. Box 2803
Laguna Hills, CA 92654-2803


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