Album Cover

Noise Level 9: For The Ear

  1. Chemical Intake
  2. I Anger
  3. Force Fed

Welcome to Noise Level 9 speaks the computerized voice at the onset of this tape. Quickly the mind enters the realm of ambient noise, the guitars thunder and the music explodes into a cacophony of violence. Overall a very impressive three song set from an unknown band. The music primarily focuses on strong guitar work with strong background programming and intriguing lyrics. Nothing you could dance to, unless you consider moshing as dancing, and no really outstanding pieces of music, however, it is by no means crap. Most of the problems with this tape can be attributed to a lower quality tape and the lack of experience of this band. I'm sure with a little more practice behind them this band will eventually go places, they just need some time.

Noise Level 9
P.O. Box 2803
Laguna Hills, CA 92654-2803


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