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Noise Box: Nuffnutz

  1. I Hate You (clubbed mix) 4:38
  2. Monkey Ass (live mix) 3:41
  3. Skinner (13") 5:31
  4. Some of U (first take) 4:53
  5. Suffer (first take) 6:33
  6. Skinner (demo mix) 3:27
  7. Desire (demo mix) 3:44

In reviewing Noise Box's premiere album 'Monkey Ass' I had a number of problems trying to quantify the sheer number of musical styles that make themselves present within the entire album. Now after having actually met the disturbed minds behind the music I feel that I can better relate the concepts that Josh & Dre are trying to get across to their listener. Josh & Dre only create music for themselves and that Cleopatra Records actually wants to pay them to put this music out to the general public means very little towards the final outcome on any track they have ever produced. They are content to swipe gratuitous samples from Moby, Front Line Assembly, or a random Sega video game in order to complete a track which has very little forethought put into it. They create the music for the sheer joy or producing it and being able to play that music to a live audience. If the audience happens to enjoy whatever the end result of Noise Box's tinkering, then more power to them, if not who cares. This mind set is glaringly obvious from the titles of their album and maxi-CD as well as many of their track titles. They enjoy making a mockery of the label that releases their music by coming up with names like 'Monkey Ass' and 'Nuffnutz'. It amuses them to no end to be able to come up with a total meaningless title and laugh at their listener who somehow think it has some deep serious connotation to it. Overall Noise Box is fun music with a diverse vocal and aural style of its own which crosses over so many musical boundaries that any attempt to label it only ends in a tumult of disaster.

Noise Box is:
Josh: All Guitars
Dre': More Guitars (Really)

Cleopatra Records
8726 S. Sepulveda, Ste. D-82
Los Angeles, CA 90045


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