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Various Artists: Nocturne Concrete

  1. Tinty Music - Refraction Grid 4:09
  2. Bill Horist - Shadow of the Vestibule 6:01
  3. Lifesaver Laboratories - Forecast 4:54
  4. Rich Hinklin - Interbay 4:35
  5. Interference Pattern - Gimp Dirge 6:55
  6. Vassily - Highgate 5:10
  7. The Rotary Fields - Red Sea 5:46
  8. Fear of Dolls - Sound of Thorns 5:45
  9. The Garden - Flailing Wings 4:47
  10. Bethany Curve - Spacirelei 4:13
  11. Trance - Forgotten Music 3:18
  12. Trachring - Never a Tender Moment 7:03
  13. Intonarumori - Layer Parallelism 8:10

Nocturne Concrete is a mostly Seattle specific compilation consisting of ambient, experimental, gothic and noise artists. The remaining bands hail from places such as San Francisco and Pittsburgh, but the majority of the music is derived from home grown artists. The music is tracked in such a way that there is a proper composite flow from track to track and from genre to genre to avoid any nasty sequence flow problems. The net result is a compilation that changes moods like the ebb and flow of the tides, rising and falling several times throughout it's entirety. One thing however remains constant, the music always remain low key and sober, never once rising above a beat level which is to be expected from a compilation which does not contain and dance industrial tracks. If you are into artists on Cold Meat Industry or Staalplat then you might be interested in most of the artists present because of their dark brooding and midevil nature, and should consider acquiring a copy for yourself.

Unit Circle Rekkids
P.O. Box 20352
Seattle, WA 98102


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