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Nocturne: Of Beauty and Decay

  1. The Haunting
  2. To Die For
  3. Fade To Grey
  4. Tattered Angel

Nocturne is a five piece electro-gothic outfit based out of Portland, Oregon. "Of Beauty and Decay", is their debut release that actually consists of mostly older material by this eighteen month old project. Perhaps the best thing about this EP is the lack of gothic stereotypes that usually befalls most new gothic bands. Jeff, the lead vocalist, doesn't feel it necessary to sign every track with an abnormally deep voice. Instead he uses his rather dynamic vocal range to reflect the variety of moods present on the record. Musically, the EP is a perfect blend of electronics, guitars, and drums. The instruments are never forced to compete with each other for dominance in the track, and instead compliment each other throughout the EP. This suggests that the band has had a great deal of previous musical experience due to the strength of the final mix of each track. Regardless, this EP is a very strong first effort from a band together for such a short time prior to it's release. Other gothic acts should really look to bands like Nocturne as examples of how to properly compose music without sounding derivative and boring, because Nocturne obviously have that skill down perfectly.

Nocturne is:
Jeff - vocals
Tad - guitars
Ashe - bass
Mark - drums, additional keys
Megan - keyboards

3130 SE 6th
Portland, OR 97202

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